Hong Kong & Macau – Day 2

One of the really nice attractions in HK for people of all age groups is Ocean Park. It is one of the most visited attractions in HK. It has a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park. Together with Hong Kong Disneyland, Its one of the two large theme parks in Hong Kong. There is no train connection to Ocean Park however there is a direct bus service to the park from HK Central station. The park is quite huge and one needs to spend an entire day to explore the park. We headed to the park just around opening time around 10 am. We skipped the long ticketing queues since we booked our tickets online. The park is quite massive and spread on either sides of a hill.. Both sides of the park can be accessed via a cable car of a simulated submarine attraction and it takes less than 5 minutes however the wait times for the cable car can be quite lengthy so we skipped it. Things not to be missed are the various rides available for all age groups and also the theatre with the animal shows.. we watched the sea lions and dolphin show in the evening. Attractions not to be missed are the Shark Aquarium, the penguins, giant pandas , rare chinese strugeons and the jelly fish housings.. One of the best places to view them all in one single area.. There were several roller coasters and rides which we gave a miss however if one needs to enjoy all rides and also the sights, i would recommend doing a two day trip to Ocean Park if you have young kids. You can read more about the Ocean Park here.

After we finished at Ocean Park we took a taxi to Central Pier 9 where we took our Sunset Cruise. We booked through Aqua Luna which is an old restored Chinese junk boat. I would highly recommend doing this 45 minutes cruise instead of the ferry between Kowloon and HK.  The Aqua Luna cruise is wonderfully romantic and perfect for an evening date. The cruise offers everyone blankets and is a relaxed atmosphere.. It is slightly expensive compared to the other cruise but the ambience and the free drink and service onboard definitely makes it worth it. I would rate it one of the top five things to do in HK. The finished the cruise and then headed back to our hotel for a quick shower and some rest after the tiring day at Ocean Park.

Next on our agenda was our anniversary celebration, we headed to the highest bar in the world “Ozone“. It’s on the 118th floor of the ICC Ritz Carlton hotel and should definitely be a must do item on anyone’s itinerary. The drinks are expensive but that’s the price one pays for drinking on top of the world 😀  There were no cover charges for entry due to which we saw quite a few folks who just visited the restaurant for a photo Op and left.. However the 100th floor of the ICC has a Sky Deck which has a charge for entry… Quite strange.. 🙂

We went back to Temple street for the second time to grab dinner before heading back to the hotel. Day 3 was going to be exciting coz we had Macau on the cards … and when i say cards, i literally mean the gambling cards 😉

Read about our Day 3 experience (Macau, TurboJet Ferry, A-Ma Temple, Senado Square, Ruins of St.Paul, Venetian, City of Dreams, House of Dancing Waters)  or skip to another day using the links at the end of this page.

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