Hong Kong & Macau – Day 4

As mentioned in my last post, we decided to sleep in late and woke up only around noon. The sleep was quite essential since we were always up quite early on all of the previous days and also were covering a lot of places each day. We decided to take it easy and headed to the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery at Sha Tin, Hong Kong. We had to take two separate connections to reach the Sha Tin station from our Hotel. After we got off the train, We walked about half a mile to the base of the hill on which the monastery was built. The climb up from the base was roughly about 500 odd steps and the entire path way was lined with Buddha statues in different poses. Few of the statues were hilarious and few others quite calm. It is quite an enjoyable hike to the top. Once at the top, you arrive at the main courtyard and shrine. The view of the city from atop is quite breathtaking. The monastery is definitely worth visiting since there are not a lot of tourists around and one can spend a few hours relaxing away from the crowded city center. We spent almost an hour and then headed back to the City.

Next stop on our list was the Ladies Market at Mongkok. Nothing much to write about it except that.. a trip here is a must do if you wish to buy souvenirs or cheap electronics. The prices right off the entrance are quite high and its recommended to walk to the end of the street to get better deals. You need to bargain hard and stick to a price.. My wife checked the price of a few bags.. the lady quoted $HK200 each, we managed to bargain and bring down the price to $HK40 each and picked up 5 bags.. The trick is to quote less than 30% of the price and stick to it. Visiting a few hours before closing time is even better.

After finishing up, we headed towards Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Avenue of Stars to catch the Symphony of lights show.. While we were a bit late in reaching the place, we still managed to see the last bit of the laser show. We spent an hour at the promenade stretching our tired legs and soaking in the bright neon lights on the Hong Kong island. Before we headed back to the hotel, we did a quick detour by Soho, Central Mid Levels Escalators & Lan Kwai Fong for one last taste of the night life Hong Kong has to offer. We had a few drinks at the Peak Cafe Bar. The parties and the crowd on Saturday night was maddening and we wished we had just another couple of nights we could spend before heading back home.  Day 5 was going to be our last day in Hong Kong and we were yet to visit the most exciting part of the trip “Disneyland“.

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