My MesioAngular Impaction…

“ Ouch that’s gotta hurt !!! “ is the first reaction I got from everyone who saw the X Ray.. I got one removed a couple years back and I hated the doc for it. Never imagined that I’d need to go through the torture again. The only relief being that this time i had my best bud next to me who apparently isn’t a practicing doc but is definitely one of the best i have ever known.

Now the title of this post reads Mesioangular impaction, well it refers to a wisdom tooth that is angled towards the front of the mouth.. I thought I was unique until I found that am not alone 😉 over 44% of the folks face the same problem.  For all you folks who think why the F*#% in the world would anyone write about a tooth extraction, “ Go !!! get one removed  :-@ “.  This post is all about preparing for the tooth extraction and what need to be done aft.

I had mine removed, though it didn’t feel that bad but the pain is killing for the first few days. Tis just the third day and I am pulling my hair out… I am craving for some yummy food.. What a waste of this years Eid and Ganapathi Utsov both falling on the same weekend and I cant eat the Biryani and the Kadubu and all the modaks. Thanks to the after effects of the extraction.

For a start, Ice Creams feel heavenly and then the chilled thick milkshakes are never enough.  As for the food, Day 1 has to be plenty of fluids and a semi liquid diet.. Day 2 can be Soft rice Idlis and noodles, skip the spices.. Youghurt is good.. minus the salt n pepper.. Day 3 onwards you can eat the regular stuff except anything crunchy n fried n spicy.  Eat your favorite food to  your hearts desire for a week before you go for your tooth extraction so you dont feel the pinch.  I wish i had done so earlier 😦

Heres a Wiki Link which will give you more info regarding the Wisdom Tooth and its extraction procedure.

And also a few more links which would tell you the what to and what not to eat after the Extraction. And on a lighter note even tell you How to eat after a tooth extraction.  You could also look into how to stop the pain sooner.

Funny as it may seem… IT IS NOT 🙂

Check them out

1) What to eat after Wisdom tooth removal ?

2) How to eat after tooth removal ?

3) How to stop the pain after removal ?

The list isn’t comprehensive, If ya need more… Google Zindabad 😉

PS:  Stay away from all your  friends who munched on yummy food infront of you while you sat staring at them in pain and sipped on noodle soup 😉 and Pray that someday the tables turn 😛



2 thoughts on “My MesioAngular Impaction…

  1. Being a dentist, i can understand what u might be going thro… though have not gone thro the torture myself 😉
    (just hope I never have to)
    Wish u a speedy recovery, so that u can relish all ur favorite food once again….

  2. Yup Paddy..i totally understand….FYI, I am among those 44% and have my surgery scheduled for October i.e. when i go home…it hurts like hell…for now controlled with painkillers SOS. but extraction is inevitable 😦

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