Bali Blue Diving

Every once in a while, you feel like doing that one thing which upon completion, you feel that you have accomplished a great feat. While it might seem utterly minuscule for someone who’s done it a million times but none the less, it is still a once in a life time experience that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

Scuba diving has always been one of those  items on our bucket list among the countless items which seem elusive. When my long time BFF and i got married ( Yes… i got hitched a few months back and that explains the reduction in the frequency of posts ) we decided we would do something exciting on our honeymoon.. Of course there would be a lot of mushiness but apart from that something we could remember for a long time. So there we were trying to check what items would we choose out of our endless bucket list…. Was it gonna be sky diving in Dubai or Bungee Jumping or a volcano trip in Greece..? The terrible weather in Europe made us choose our destination as Bali, Indonesia.  And then eventually, Scuba diving it was gonna be !!!

Well, next was the challenge of finding someone who would instruct us… This was a big hurdle since neither of us could swim… Thankfully, we realized that knowing to SWIM is NOT essential to diving.. while it is helpful but definitely not essential.  Knowing to swim would only make you feel a tad bit comfortable in water.  We decided on Tulamben dive site which is one of those places where you could go diving right off the shore.. Its actually a very famous ship wreck which is now a lovely underwater paradise.

We started early in the morning from our resort in Seminyak for we had a good couple of hours of drive to Tulamben.  The diving instructors carried all the equipment in the car.. Signed a couple of indemnity forms and then we were off to training.  Always check if you could have a pool training before you get into the sea. It helps in easing the fear.. Unfortunately, we didn’t have this. Anyways.. the instructors would explain the equipment, safety protocols, hand signals, etc and then slowly you begin the dive sessions.. The first time experience is something i can never explain… You could probably do the underwater walk wearing a bulky oxygen helmet but nothing can match up to the dive experience. Being able to swim next to fishes, experiencing the corals, its truly exhilarating.

These pics were shot on a rented under water camera, unfortunately, the resolution is a bit poor but am glad we had a camera. If you do plan on diving and its your first time, make sure you rent a camera.. Its definitely worth the extra bucks you spend.

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