New Babe on the Block

The last year and now has been definitely the most beautiful phase of my life after being through a brainf**ked journey through hell in the previous 4 years. As i started off on my new streak @ life, i also started with my wish list. Definitely had a DSLR, so picked up a Nikon (Now awaiting accessories 😉  That’s on my next wish list ), Then wanted to pursue my MBA which is also on track, My own abode, 4 holidays a year – which also pretty much worked in.. And finally a companion who is damn lovable, cute, adorable, selfless, trustworthy, faithful, beautiful, intelligent. I finally found her in Bugsy 🙂  She’s the cutest lil Labmaraner pup you could possibly find. All she gives is unconditional love and of course a few friendly bites 😉

She’s ¾ Labrador retriever and ¼ Weimaraner, That makes her a F1B hybrid pup. Has almost all the characteristics of a Lab. Growing fast and getting very obedient by the day. I hope to capture as many pics as possible as she grows.. Heres a couple that i shot in the recent times.

Aint that the cutest look