Americans – not Stupid

Finally something that i thought was really funny. I dont think so Indians are really smart as well but we are definitely smart enuf to answer most of their questions. This video definitely doesnt imply that all Americans are dumass but atleast most of the ones featured in this video are 🙂

Cheers n Mera Bharat Mahan 🙂

2 thoughts on “Americans – not Stupid

  1. Hi Padmanabh.
    How is your course on SAS happening? I’m a third year student of B.E and I wish to pursue a career as an analyst, so I’ve requested details from ATI for a batch starting in July, but I want to make sure I’m investing at the right place on the right course. Is this course fit for a pre-final year student?
    Waitin to here from you.

  2. ATI is definitely worth the buck u spend.. Its never too early or late to start a career in analytics. Analytics is common sensical. You can intern with ATI if they have any projects even while u are studying. you may need to put in a few hours after college. That ways by the time you graduate from college , you would have had substantial amount of experience. Please contact Pavan Bhat or Gautam Munshi at ATI for more details. They are highly experienced. Lemme know if you need further details.

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