Back in Bengaluru

Yessss ..!!  Am back in Namma Bengaluru for good.. Australia was fun, cozy and a good break from a 6 year long work tenure. But i loooouv ma Country. It’s something about India that makes it worthwhile to stay here despite the population outburst, chaotic traffic, corruption, blah blah blah… This City is Warm and Full of Lyf. This is my Ooru.. Namma Bengaluru. Feels good to be back home 🙂

Almost in December last year, when i started this blog… i had decided this is where I’d be ranting around a lot. I also remembered a caption from the Jim Carrey Starrer movie MASK… Why do Nice Guys finish last? … I really haven’t found an answer to that.. That has been my pursuit for now.

Well Lyf sucks sometimes and is harsh but to every grey cloud there’s a silver lining as well. The pursuit is constant. It’s quite an irony when you plan your life to perfection but everything just goes tipsy turvy… May be Its Gods way of sayin Slow down Buddy !!!😉

Dreams and aspirations sometimes tend to go down the drain all in a single blow.. But jo haar kar jeete usko kehte hai Baazigar 😉 .. Lyf can give u one too many reasons to be bogged down but overcoming them and moving on is necessary. I have had a similar tale where i was bogged down but Thanks to my friends, family and well-wishers i am beginning to see the silver lining.. This post today is just to say a simple “Thank You” to all of you folks out there who have been by my side thru the ups & downs in my lyf and given my unconditional support in the form of your friendship and love. I am ever grateful 🙂 Cheers ..!!


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