Bugsy turns One

An year ago, on September the 15th, There came into the world a cute lil pup.. we named her Bugsy. Lemme let you in on a lil secret on how I came up with the name.

Back in 2009, I was watching this movie called “Bed time Stories” Starring Adam Sandler.. In the movie were a couple of kids who owned a bug eyed guinea pig. It was named Bugsy.. Found it very cute and I decided that if ever I would own a pet, I would name it Bugsy but at that time I didn’t have the slightest hint that I would be picking up a dog. And when I did pick up one, I named her Bugsy.. Though not a guinea pig but a beautiful labmaraner.  Call me Obsessed 😉

She just turned One last week. Got her a cake from Pet-Chef @ Shantinagar, Bengaluru. One of the most yummiest cakes I could have ever asked for Bugsy. It was a real treat.. The moment I stepped in to my house, she was all over me with her four paws n a wagging tail, tryin to sniff out the aroma from the still warm cake.

For all you readers, You can read a few articles on Pet Chef here : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

You can connect on Facebook here.

Here’s a couple of pics.. sorry for not uploading a high res pic.. too busy to download from the cam. These were taken from my HTC Android.

@Pet Chef Bangalore: Thank you so much Kamini. You have no idea how much it meant.  Bugsy is more a family member to us than just a dog. Am sure you’d be hearing from me soon. Btw my folks n I also managed to sneak away quite a generous helping of the yummy apple walnut cake. And also a share for Hugsy who is Bugsys sister from another mother 😉 You are doing a fantastic job in making sure our pets are not deprived of yummy treats.




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