Flutter By’s

Did this weekend trip to Bannerghatta Buttery Fly Park which is housed in the National Park vicinity.  Supposedly the first park of its kind in India. The place is kinda well maintained but could be better. The entrance fee of 25 bucks wont disappoint you.  The park is at a distance of roughly 25km from Bangalore. May take less than an hour by road considering the traffic situation. This was my second visit to the park.  Its a different feel all together having hundreds of butterflies fluttering by. Sometimes you tread cautiously only to not distract them or step on them accidentally 🙂 . The park is still in its initial days and does not have a huge variety of butterflies. Most of them are the Indian variants. The park also has a breeding section where you can view the butterflies at every stage of their growth.  Well this section is actually a no-visitors area but if you are okay to shell out a few extra bucks to the guard, he may just sneak you in for a few minutes. What can i say, we are famous for the Great Indian Jugaad 😉 . Here are a few pics from the park.







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