Ladakh Diaries

Mountains, Magical Moods and More.. That had been my first tryst with Ladakh.. After many years of hopeless plannings and waiting for a big bunch of friends to join in which always  got dumped due to the cruel bosses of the IT industry who deny long vacations.. my best bud n i decided we had to make this happen. Just a quick few weeks of planning, scourging through the internet for information on travel, weather updates, local tips, we set out in the last week of August 2012. For the first time in my career of 10 years, my OOO message read.. “I will NOT have access to emails and I will NOT be available on the phone, So please do NOT contact me 😉 “.. All my previous vacations had my office tagging me everywhere like the pug in the vodafone ad ‘Wherever you go, i will follow’ 😉 .

Well our ten day vacation was more like eight days of journey with a couple of quickie halts at Delhi, Manali and Chandigarh. This post here more or less captures the journey through my lens. The photographs will definitely fail to capture the absolute pristine beauty of nature at its best glory. Though i would have loved to do a bike trip, i had to settle down for a road trip on a 4WD.

Am sure there are scores of web pages which give out information on travel to Leh and Ladakh. This is my humble attempt to share my travel experience. I am still in the process of further updating the links which helped me with my itinerary. Please visit again for more.  You can get a day wise walk through of our holiday experience by navigating through the links below.

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