Diving at Sipadan, Pom Pom, Mataking and Bogey Dulang

Diving off the coast of Semporna.. at Sipadan, Pom Pom, Mataking and Bohey Dulang Islands in May 2022. Diving with Celebes Explorer the only live aboard in the region and Big Ocean Dive. 17 dives in 7 days… the best diving in the region next only to Raja Ampat but thats in Indonesia 🙂 … Barracudas, Sharks, Turtles, Wrasse, Puffers, Morays, Jacks, Bump Heads, Bat Fish and more. This is one such dive trip you must do.

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Diving at Sipadan

After almost a two year break during the covid lockdown, I had to get back to diving with a bang.  Decided to dive at the famous Sipadan Island which is one of the top 10 dive sites in the world. The marine life here is mind blowing and all the dives are Wall dives with the shallows as low as 2m and depths upto 700m. For a lot of folks diving at Sipadan is a bucket list item. We stayed on the Celebes Explorer liveaboard which is the only boat with a guaranteed three dives daily at Sipadan.  Heres a brief video of the dive experience.

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Skydive Langkawi

Jumping off a plane from a height of 10000ft over the picturesque islands of langkawi, soaking in the sights of thailand over the horizon and landing softly on the Tanjung Rhu beach… What more can you expect. We booked our VIP package for two, got picked up from our hotel and had our security and jump briefing by 10am and we were up in the air soon after.  A rickety small aircraft stripped off its seats gave me the chills.. As if it wasn’t enough, the plane did not have any doors on it.  My wife got pushed in towards the tail and i was sitting closer to the “door”… With every few hundred feet of altitude gain, i could feel my heart pounding.. i was breaking a sweat even in the cold weather up in the clouds.  As we approached the jump altitude, the instructors gave us one last briefing, checked our harness to make sure we are secure.. Feet out of the plane, eyes on the horizon, 1…2…3…… and JUMP !!!!

Check the dive video and full post here. 😀

Skydive Langkawi

Kuala Lumpur & Around – Floria

After the previous post on the Putrajaya Night Cruise, I missed updating the pictures of Floria. At RM3 entry per person, the flower show was the first one of its kind that we attended after the usual ones which i have attended at Lalbagh at Namma Bengaluru.. The show allowed us to compare the standards of the event that’s held back home with what we saw here.  The difference lies in the way the entire event was organised. The kind of involvement from the government and agencies taking part here is commendable. With a wide range of flora to view and under various weather conditions, It gave us a first hand experience of the tropical flora and fauna. Apart from the flower show, they also had several stalls showcasing different types of landscape gardens, alternate materials and techniques used in gardening, interior decorations, etc. They almost had activities for everyone.. kids had a petting zoo with plenty of rabbits running around, also a snake park but that was a pity.. just a couple of lazy pythons and one albino python lying around fully fed 🙂 They also had various performances by fire dancers, local drum beats, etc.. Quite a unique experience.
















Kuala Lumpur & Around – Putrajaya Night Cruise

The annual flower show at Putrajaya – Floria 2014 was one of the nicest weekend trips we did in KL.. After the flower show, we visited the Magic of the Night show by the Putrajaya lake. We saw a number of  decorated floats  with glittering lights brought in from every state in Malaysia. The event showcased the aesthetics of flora and fauna as well as the identity of each participating state. It ended with a wonderful display of fireworks. I wish i could have taken a lot of pictures but the photographs taken at Floria filled up the storage.  One can also take a  cruise in the lake at RM25 per person. the cruise is definitely one of the must do activities in Putrajaya. I would recommend doing this after sunset as that’s when the city lights up in all its glory. Here’s a glimpse of the area around the cruise.