Absolut Viet !!!

This post is probably 2 years overdue. Just realised i have been spending an awful lot of time on work and have not taken time to update the blog. So here goes, catching up a two year old journey update to Vietnam.

Keeping up with the tradition of taking on new experiences on each anniversary, this time we travelled to Vietnam. With a bucket list of items to tick including a gastronomic exploration in Hanoi to the magnificent Halong bay cruises to the tunnels at Saigon.. We did it all during our 5 days.

Check out the full post here. 😀

Skydive Langkawi

Jumping off a plane from a height of 10000ft over the picturesque islands of langkawi, soaking in the sights of thailand over the horizon and landing softly on the Tanjung Rhu beach… What more can you expect. We booked our VIP package for two, got picked up from our hotel and had our security and jump briefing by 10am and we were up in the air soon after.  A rickety small aircraft stripped off its seats gave me the chills.. As if it wasn’t enough, the plane did not have any doors on it.  My wife got pushed in towards the tail and i was sitting closer to the “door”… With every few hundred feet of altitude gain, i could feel my heart pounding.. i was breaking a sweat even in the cold weather up in the clouds.  As we approached the jump altitude, the instructors gave us one last briefing, checked our harness to make sure we are secure.. Feet out of the plane, eyes on the horizon, 1…2…3…… and JUMP !!!!

Check the dive video and full post here. 😀

Skydive Langkawi