Absolut Viet !!!

This post is probably 2 years overdue. Just realised i have been spending an awful lot of time on work and have not taken time to update the blog. So here goes, catching up a two year old journey update to Vietnam.

Keeping up with the tradition of taking on new experiences on each anniversary, this time we travelled to Vietnam. With a bucket list of items to tick including a gastronomic exploration in Hanoi to the magnificent Halong bay cruises to the tunnels at Saigon.. We did it all during our 5 days.

Check out the full post here. 😀

Hong Kong & Macau

Hong Kong & Macau.. an action packed vacation on a tight schedule… One of the best destinations to visit.. After last year’s vacation to Bali, wifey  had only one condition… we visit some place cold.. the weather was at its best all throughout the trip. We did a 4 nights & 5 day trip covering most of Hong Kong and Macau. Definitely not a budget trip and not for anyone who hopes for a relaxing holiday. Ours was a tight packed itinerary and something definitely not for the ones who are slow on their feet.

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