Just Our Luck !! ;)

Wonder whats happening to the creative minds in Indian Cinema.. at one corner we have the likes of Rahul Bose , Irfan Khan making movies such as Dil Kabaddi which are unique picking on the perils of the young and restless married couples who often find themselves drifting away towards the sinful side of the relationship.. Wow ..!!  is what i could say after watching the hilarious yet somewhat sensible movie.  At the other corner we have the likes of Aamir Khan making Ghajini which is an adaptation of a remake of another original movie “The Memento”.

Well moving on… the previous paragraph was actually drafted before i actually watched Ghajini and my my.. i must say it quite impressed me. Aamir was fab with his “8” yes eight pack abs.. i aint a gurl who would go gaga  over such things but here i am trying to lose my pot belly while heres the guy who works out to maintain a figure.. ofcourse i would have been doin it too if i was  swooshing crores.  Well heres the guy with short span memory trying to hunt down the Villain who gave him the memory loss and also killed his GURL , however some of the fight sequences did seem like they were for more than 15 minutes and he still retained some memory.. well the pros for the movie are quite many compared to the cons.. i would leave u to best judge the movie.. something i was again impressed in the movie was a song sequence in which we get to see 5 aamirs in diff avataars. Now that was some interesting shoot but i am still tryin to figure out how the hell they got to do that. Asin was pretty good except for the kachar pachar she went on with. They ofcourse tried to portray her as the very cutie goodie gurl helpin crippled kids cross over using a gate, lead a blind man while telling him whats happening in the background ( seemed more like a commentary ). Well except for that even funny moments like her dream of buyin 3 “Ambassador” cars. Woah..!!

Btw, i went to watch the movie with Bops interestingly, we’ve been in luck whenever we have been to watch movies, we ended up getting good seats even at the last moment.. first it was the “The Day the Earth Stood Still” then “Ghajini” .. !! Thats two in a row..!! Anyways.. when we ended up at the all friendly Inox, we were almost late then we get to wait at th Elevator and Pooof a  “Power Cut” thank heavens they had  a Generator. Then we reach the cinema only to find a “Sold Out” board.. It just gets better.. Bops decides to book tickets for the next days show and Voila.. Our luck shines… the guy at the counter tells us there are Two tickets 😉 available as someone cancelled them just a while back.. That was Awesome…!!! we Got our Tickets.. We got LUCKY !!!

PS: The even more interesting part was watching Bops in the middle of the movie.. She was almost at the edge of the seat and was sittin with her ears shut .. The last time i did that was when i watched Evil Dead as a kid.   Well it was a funny site though.. lolz


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