New Years Here !!!

First of all, i wish all my frens and my readers a very happy and a prosperous new year 2009. May God bless u all wid good health, wealth and secure jobs ( ofcourse its a wish coz of the recent recession). Well New Years eve has been kinda okkkk this year. There isnt much excitement except that i have been celebrating the New Years eve in three diffrent time zones.. well it aint celebrating but more of wishing.. first it was my best buddy  at 6:30 PM IST as she is in Melbourne and it was already Jan 1st 2009.. shes bout 5.5 hrs ahead of me.. Then it was me wishin my family and a few guests ( well  i spent my new years eve at home .. will let u know more as u read on).. finally its bout wishin my frens in the US of A.. they are way behind me but i guess am awake till they get into 2009.

Well after juggling between my options on where and with whom to celebrate my new years eve, i zeroed in on my family.. more so they are my most favorite folks  in Bangalore well it was unusually quiet but fun.

The rest of the evening was fun with the guests. we drank down a few pegs of Vodka and hogged on fried fish and superb biryani .. wah.. it was finger lickin gud.. hope i am not in for copyright infrigement after using the catch phrase. 😉 . nevertheless then i had Prateek calling me from Chandigarh in a drunken state sharing his love life… Ooooops.. its not exactly his love life but the kind of fun tragic side of it… ( Did i mention he was almost 9 pegs down of you know what .. 😉 ) . Then finally it was New Years … There was clapping and hugging and welcoming the new year 2009 with all the little zest that was left in me after being a lil wee drunk.. well Durgi already had told everyone to enjoi ourselves coz in his own words… It come Once in Year Only !!

Cheers all the way.. Enjoi 2009


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