Wave and Smile

Its been close to 3 weeks now since i have been out of work.. Still waiting to get an update from the embassy on my visa status.. gee i didnt think it was gonna take this long.. if i had known i’d probably have held on to my job in the BIG company for another month.. But nevertheless this break was kinda much needed.. Its comin after almost over 5 years of working.. Well as of now, i have been busy travelling and shopping, helping around the house, visiting relatives , catchin up with ol buds, working out ..( ahem ahem .. i know what u are probably thinking.. Yesssssss am on a killer spree to lose my pot belly.. damn u folks from chandigarh who made me a drink every weekend… ūüėČ kidding guys ).¬†

Well admist all this, i have really started to appreciate the little gestures from people and realised how they go un-noticed. For Instance, we have been reading in the news bout reckless bus drivers, and folks cursing them and what not but do we appreciate any of the same drivers when they¬†make way or follow the rules as they are meant to. Well its not quite always i have been¬†given way by a bus driver but it did happen today near the busy South end Rd. Well i was surprised, anyone would have been.. given the reputation that follows the BMTC drivers but i did take a moment to grab his attention¬†to wave¬†and smile acknowledging he did good.¬† I guess i am sounding a lil crazy.. but to think of this in a whole different manner.. If he did realise that i smiled at him for being good on road, i am sure he’d want better days everyday than being cursed around for bad driving.¬†

So folks, next time Wave n Smile¬†…¬†You never know — It may change driving habits in people.¬† But them change should always begin with ones ownself… so Be good on the road.. You never know someday , someone , somewhere will smile n wave to you ūüôā .



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