Amgel Kuldevu – Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy

These are few pics of our family temple Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy Devasthanam @ Veling, Mardhol , Ponda District, Goa. Clicked them during my last trip to Goa. which also happens to be one of the most memorable ones.  🙂  . I wanna pen down a lot bout the trip but haven’t found the time to do so.. but am sure i will in due course.  I just couldn’t resist updating these pics first coz this happens to be our family temple. The tag line is in Konkani..  “Amgel Kuldev” which translates into “Our Kuldev” or “Our Family God”.  This temple is found in a small town in the Ponda District. Its just off the Goa-Belgaum Highway.. Am not quite sure if the town is Veling or Mardhol.. The way to the temple has a beautiful canopy of trees for about a km from the National Highway.  I just love visiting this place and its got a special feel in the monsoons however this last visit was in the scorching summer heat 😉 . The whole story of the main deity of this temple is beautifully shown on the pictures which adorn the main sanctum however it was closed during this visit so i couldn’t get any decent clicks. I wish i could type down the entire story here but then i found a whole lot of information is already available on the Wiki.

Note : Thanks to Mr.Prakash Bhandary, Managed to obtain the contact number for the temple manager..  0832 2343428 Mr. Shivananda.




21 thoughts on “Amgel Kuldevu – Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy

  1. I did not know even ur mane devaru was SLN….

    Anyways- This is d cleaaaaanessssshhhht temple I hv ever seen

  2. hey, nice snaps… 🙂 u made me remember our last trip to this temple.. we had been there for our dool beeti… 🙂 it was pouring cats and dogs and Raghu and me were walking around holding umbrella… 🙂

  3. Facts of truth….believed to be almighty ! Our kuladeva…..Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy at Veling, Mardol

  4. I want to visit this place in Diwali holidays but I am confused about the stay options. I have been told that the temple have some guest houses built inside but when I called up in the office they said I cannt reserve them because my name is not registered over as one of the family whose main Kuldevata is in the temple. Now, my kuldevata is Laxmi Nrusinha but the temple my family visit is in Maharashtra, Nira-Narsinhapur. Can anybody suggest me the options available to stay near the temple?

  5. Am not too sure of the temple accommodation myself.. Havent really stayed there.. There are quite a few places in Ponda where you can stay.. Hotel booking services such as Makemytrip or yatra should list them out. These places are a quick 10-20min drive away from the temple. Or even better, head out to stay by the beach. and cover old goa and the temple in a single day trip by booking a cab. Shouldnt cost more than a couple of thousand bucks.

  6. ths is my Kul dev and i vist this teple every year for his holy blessing with my family . i feel very satisfied after visiting this temple . its calm and clean place

  7. Dear Shri Padmanabha Padiyar, This is my Kuladevastan too. Beautiful pics of the temple. Thank you for posting them. One of my favourite features here is the ever-running water fall into the TaLe (temple lake). The underground water from the nearby hills is so pure and refreshing for drinking as well as taking head bath. The water never stops flowing. Unique experience in the temple. Your pics of the Tale have just missed to capture the water fall. May be next time in your visit you may wish to snap it. Thank you once again.

  8. i would like to have contact number/ telephone number of the temple and bhatji please help

  9. This My Kuladevta so I am happy that you have posted this lovely Clips, I am a regular visitor since 1979, Yes its a place of extreme PEACE & Bliss, and a bath under the GOMUKH is one of my favrates

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