George Town – Penang Island

An Impromptu long weekend plan took us and a couple of friends from work to George Town,  Penang island. The historical town made us miss our very own Pondicherrry and Goa. The long walks in the old town and passing by the heritage buildings leaves one wondering the splendour of the city during the good old British Raj :). While we couldn’t cover all of the attractions in Penang, we barely managed to scrap the surface of this beautiful island city. With each part of the island guaranteeing a unique experience, i am sure we will be having our tryst with Pulau Pinang very soon before we head back home from KL.

Read more about the trip and view all photographs here.

Penang island Coast line
Penang island Coast line
“Little Children on a Bicycle” Mural, Armenian Street, George Town, Penang
Cycle Rickshaw ride on Muntri Street



Monsoon, Mist n Magic

Yet another trip to Goaaaa ..  WooHoo!!!  Should ideally start calling the place home.. Took a much needed vacation with a few close buddies. Contrary to my previous vacations, this time we took off to the hills and believe you me, loved every moment of the trip. The monsoon, the mist, the magic..!!  It was all there.

Bout an hour and half drive from the capital city, Nestled in the Chorla Ghats where the borders of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka meet.. Wildernest  felt as if it were a piece of heaven on earth. Stayed here for bout 4 days, completely cut away from technology except for the occasional surprise texts you receive on the phone while the network bars on the phone tell a different tale.

The place is an eco hotspot with a view to kill for. You can see the beautiful Chorla falls and the Sakla-Vajra falls from the cottages while various exotic creepy crawlies keep you company. A dip in the Infinity pool and several friendly green vine snakes around the resort could give you shivers (literally… i mean it 🙂 ).. We also happened to trek though one of the various trekking routes within the resort which leads to the highest points in the Ghats from where you could see all the three states.. And also another to the falls where i got bitten by bout 8 leeches 😛 .. Well i was so excited with the thought of going trekking in the wild, that i forgot to carry salt.. so if you do plan a trip to this place in the monsoons, make sure you carry salt. The suckers tend to hold on as if my blood were sweet elixir 😉 The food is the traditional goan-maharastrian buffet which surely excited me for the first couple of days soon after which i started missing the good ol’ junk foods. The entire region is a plastic free zone.. Each of the cottages is named after the flora and fauna in the region. Thanks to Namdev Gaonkar and Krishna in helping me understand few of the names. They were amazing. Though there were few qualms but when you look at the brighter side, each day spent at the resort was worth it. Oooooohhhh How could i miss the bathrooms with the view… they overlooked the valley.. If not for the full glass window, it could give you a feel of having bath outdoors. Far away from the hustle, bustle n pollution, the clean air in your lungs could actually take a lil getting used to 😉

By the time you decide to leave, one thing is certain, you would either completely fall in love with the color green or would despise it Ofcourse which the latter will not happen.. You gotta see the place to believe it. Managed to capture a few pics despite the non-stop drizzle and rain. Kudos to the team at Wildernest for preserving a jewel in all its green glory.


Amgel Kuldevu – Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy

These are few pics of our family temple Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy Devasthanam @ Veling, Mardhol , Ponda District, Goa. Clicked them during my last trip to Goa. which also happens to be one of the most memorable ones.  🙂  . I wanna pen down a lot bout the trip but haven’t found the time to do so.. but am sure i will in due course.  I just couldn’t resist updating these pics first coz this happens to be our family temple. The tag line is in Konkani..  “Amgel Kuldev” which translates into “Our Kuldev” or “Our Family God”.  This temple is found in a small town in the Ponda District. Its just off the Goa-Belgaum Highway.. Am not quite sure if the town is Veling or Mardhol.. The way to the temple has a beautiful canopy of trees for about a km from the National Highway.  I just love visiting this place and its got a special feel in the monsoons however this last visit was in the scorching summer heat 😉 . The whole story of the main deity of this temple is beautifully shown on the pictures which adorn the main sanctum however it was closed during this visit so i couldn’t get any decent clicks. I wish i could type down the entire story here but then i found a whole lot of information is already available on the Wiki.

Note : Thanks to Mr.Prakash Bhandary, Managed to obtain the contact number for the temple manager..  0832 2343428 Mr. Shivananda.