Ze Champ is born…. The stork arrived last night.

Been quite busy in the last few weeks n now in Mangalore. The whole house is in an absolutely joyous mode. We ve just had a baby boy in our family last night. My baby sis is now a momma and I am a proud Mamu 🙂 my folks are ecstatic. The phone calls don’t seem to end 🙂 and for once we aren’t complaining. Gonna upload the pics soon after I get a go ahead from Gauri n Suhas. Afterall its their moment.

I guess my weekends are gonna change from now on…. Loads of shopping n travelling to mangy. Watch out folks…. He’s gonna be one helluva pampered kid.  n am lovin the feel already.

Wowieee … Yippppiiieeee