A night before the new moon

Just turned 30 a few days back.. Seems like its time i hit the hyper drive button in my life..Theres so much more to do.. Thanks to my family and few of my best frens, i have lived probably the best portion of my life in the last two years. Theres more to look forward to.  Its gonna be almost two months since my nephew was born.. folks are all busy juggling between towns.. Its been all good. Cant wait for the kid to be in Bangalore. Gods been kind.

Well got myself a superb birthday gift.. probably the best one so far. A lens for my cam that i so wanted to buy for a long time.. For all my buddies who understand fotography, am sure u’d know what it means to have a all in one multi zoom range  DSLR lens.. Got myself the Tamron 18-270mm pzd lens. Watch out for pics thats gonna be your way soon. 🙂

This ones for a start.

F11, Focal Length 270mm, iso 100, exp 1/125 sec




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