Kuala Lumpur & Around – Gudu Gudu Minchu

The kind of monsoons in Malaysia is something that i have never experienced before. I stayed around the western ghats in India for most part of my life and its crazy rainfall but the kind of monsoons that you experience here makes the ones in India seem like a trickle. I’ve rarely seen lightning strike when i was in Bangalore or it would seem like its struck at a very far distance. Here its the opposite. Its just loud thunder with flashes of light every few seconds. Its so frequent and scary that it delivers a shiver down your spine. The highways around the city are mostly elevated due to which you have a clear view of the horizon at a distance so its not very uncommon to see lightning strike every few seconds at a distance. Driving can be a nightmare.

I have always been fascinated with the photographs of the lightning strikes and wondered how does one capture it precisely at the right moment. Googled around and found quite a number of interesting articles. Unfortunately all of them require a tripod ( which i left back in India ) and a remote shutter release cable ( which i don’t have ). So i tried my hand at capturing one manually and Here’s the finished product 🙂 I am sure this one could have been better.  It definitely is not as easy as the tutorials and definitely requires a lot of patience ( which i lack for sure 😉 ). Oh and before you start to wonder what i meant by Gudu Gudu Minchu…. It means Thunder & Lightning in Konkani (my native language).








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