Diving at Nusa Penida

Decided i was going to sneak out to dive with the Mantas at Nusa Penida. This was more a celebratory dive since i was holed up in my room preparing for my PMI-PMP certification (which i cleared 🙂 ) for three weeks. Landed in Bali and i quickly signed up with Neptune Scuba Diving. I sent them an enquiry and Yoga from the dive club got in touch with me and walked me through the options. I was a bit skeptical since i read everywhere that you needed to be atleast Advanced certified to dive at Nusa Penida and i was only a few dives old. Yoga assured me that i was going to be in good hands and i decided to go ahead with the dive trip. I signed up for a full day 3 dive package which included pick up and drop from the hotel. Gracia was going to be the dive master who i was going to be tagged with. She was extremely professional and fun to dive with. I had my first experience watching the majestic Manta Rays at Manta Point during the first dive. The water was murky and the visibility was poor but i am not complaining.  Second dive was at Crystal bay where we saw two Octopuses mating, saw a moral eel, hermit crab, flounder, etc. Third dive was my first drift dive experience. The corals at SD point were bright and colorful. We even saw a pair of huge turtles and hung out with them for a few minutes. Another couple who accompanied us on the trip told me they saw a whale shark and they signalled us to join them but we were too late. Wish i could have had some proof but the word goes that if no proof, then you didnt see it 😉 Heres a brief video of the dive experience.

#40underforty 🙂

PS : Change video quality to highdef before you play 🙂


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