Diving at Nusa Penida

Decided i was going to sneak out to dive with the Mantas at Nusa Penida. This was more a celebratory dive since i was holed up in my room preparing for my PMI-PMP certification (which i cleared 🙂 ) for three weeks. Landed in Bali and i quickly signed up with Neptune Scuba Diving. I sent them an enquiry and Yoga from the dive club got in touch with me and walked me through the options. I was a bit skeptical since i read everywhere that you needed to be atleast Advanced certified to dive at Nusa Penida and i was only a few dives old. Yoga assured me that i was going to be in good hands and i decided to go ahead with the dive trip. I signed up for a full day 3 dive package which included pick up and drop from the hotel. Gracia was going to be the dive master who i was going to be tagged with. She was extremely professional and fun to dive with. I had my first experience watching the majestic Manta Rays at Manta Point during the first dive. The water was murky and the visibility was poor but i am not complaining.  Second dive was at Crystal bay where we saw two Octopuses mating, saw a moral eel, hermit crab, flounder, etc. Third dive was my first drift dive experience. The corals at SD point were bright and colorful. We even saw a pair of huge turtles and hung out with them for a few minutes. Another couple who accompanied us on the trip told me they saw a whale shark and they signalled us to join them but we were too late. Wish i could have had some proof but the word goes that if no proof, then you didnt see it 😉 Heres a brief video of the dive experience.

#40underforty 🙂

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Hong Kong & Macau

Hong Kong & Macau.. an action packed vacation on a tight schedule… One of the best destinations to visit.. After last year’s vacation to Bali, wifey  had only one condition… we visit some place cold.. the weather was at its best all throughout the trip. We did a 4 nights & 5 day trip covering most of Hong Kong and Macau. Definitely not a budget trip and not for anyone who hopes for a relaxing holiday. Ours was a tight packed itinerary and something definitely not for the ones who are slow on their feet.

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Bali Sojourn

The previous page on our Scuba diving experience in Bali was actually meant to follow this post but i just couldn’t resist the urge of updating that one first. Anyway.. here’s kind of the detailed write up on our Bali experience.

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Ubud Palace



Bali Blue Diving

This blog is a place holder for the Page on my experience Scuba Diving at Tulamben, Bali.  Check all pics and read my detailed blog post here.

All OK !!

Lemme sniff some mud on the sea bed 😉

Now.. where did those divers go ?