Kuala Lumpur & Around – Jalan Alor

One of the really active streets of KL when it comes to night life and awesome street food is Jalan Alor. Almost in the heart of the famous Bukit Bintang and close proximity to Changkat, Jalan Alor is a treat for sea food lovers. There’s a whole bunch of restaurants offering street side seating with awesome food to tickle all the senses and artists entertaining us with foot tapping music. I would recommend a good weekend at the famous pubs at Changkat and then a hearty meal at Jalan Alor. It will definitely be a lovely end to an awesome evening.







What a Storm It was

This blog is a place holder for the Page on my experience at Storm Music Festival India 2013.  Read more about it here.

Indian Ocean

Rahul Ram – Indian Ocean @ Storm 2013

Tis was a Mad Mad Mad event

After the Storm excitement in January 2012, was looking forward to attending the MAD festival in Ooty.. One of the main reasons was to catch some of my favorite musicians live.. Had missed Raghu Dixit the last time in Coorg.. So this time managed to visit the event on Day 1 and boy it was a visual treat.. Of course they didnt have the kind of EDM like the one at Storm but it was worth it. Also missed India Lucia.. i have only heard them on youtube and yet to catch them at their live gig.

Though the rain gods decided to play spoil sport, at the end it was all worth it though all bands had to cut short their quota of stage time 😦 . The venue in itself was superb. I am used to cold weather but this was something crazy.. Thankfully i had carried my woolens but quite puzzling as it may seem, i still cant understand how a bunch of youngsters could withstand the cold without their woolens.. “Gosh.. Did i just call em youngsters.. i think its high time i let the feeling sink in that i aint getting any younger myself ;-)” .. Anyways the event pic would follow soon..

Mad Festival 2012 – Ooty, India

There’s a Storm Coming

Recently happened to attend one of the most fantastic and authentic camp out music festival i have ever been to… STORM FESTIVAL @ Napoklu, Coorg…. Wowiee is the word u can scream out listening to one of the finest bands of our times and that too Desi  🙂  It was an absolute exhilerating experience.. only wished i was present both days.. Missed RDP but was fortunate enough to catch Agam (just entered as they played Malhar Jam.. felt the goosebumps as i walked in and was awestruck soon after… One band i cant stop tripping on), Swarathma (Rib Tickling music) and Indian Ocean (These guys showed the rest why these guys are the absolute Gurus of music. The other stage had DJs Tuhin and Vachan Chinnappa who set the crowd into a groooove.. Followed by Sanjay Dutta (who i felt was a let down that evening coz i’ve heard him before i know he’s good), DJ Pearl and Closing the night Judge Jules.. This man knows the music and knows how to entertain.

Cant wait for the second edition of Storm.. The event was absolutely rocking and the arrangements were nothing like i had ever seen.. sniffer dogs, full body checks.. Woah.. Felt for a moment we were going to meet the queen 😉



Dholu Kunita @ Janapada Loka

Almost right from my childhood days, a travel on the Bangalore-Mysore highway would always  be incomplete without a stopover at Kamat Lokaruchi and Janapada Loka.  The food is yummy and it is probably one of the best veggie joints on the highway. This one time, we decided to take a walk inside the Janapada Loka to check the place out. The place is a treat for anybody with a keen interest and love for folk  art, heritage, crafts and music. During this one visit, there was a training camp on folk music and we were lucky to catch a quick glimpse of the folks in action practicing the famous Dholu Kunitha.