Tis was a Mad Mad Mad event

After the Storm excitement in January 2012, was looking forward to attending the MAD festival in Ooty.. One of the main reasons was to catch some of my favorite musicians live.. Had missed Raghu Dixit the last time in Coorg.. So this time managed to visit the event on Day 1 and boy it was a visual treat.. Of course they didnt have the kind of EDM like the one at Storm but it was worth it. Also missed India Lucia.. i have only heard them on youtube and yet to catch them at their live gig.

Though the rain gods decided to play spoil sport, at the end it was all worth it though all bands had to cut short their quota of stage time 😦 . The venue in itself was superb. I am used to cold weather but this was something crazy.. Thankfully i had carried my woolens but quite puzzling as it may seem, i still cant understand how a bunch of youngsters could withstand the cold without their woolens.. “Gosh.. Did i just call em youngsters.. i think its high time i let the feeling sink in that i aint getting any younger myself ;-)” .. Anyways the event pic would follow soon..

Mad Festival 2012 – Ooty, India


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