What a week this has been

Well, Thats all i can say for this week.. Cant seem to remember when was the last time i did so much work in a single week.. Well i am gonna list em out so all the boys would agree.. It indeed has been a lot of work 😉

To start off :

• Shop till u drop.
• Run around to get my Drivers License
• Find out status of my visa 😦 which was rather disappointing ( not gonna be here for atleast 4 more weeks )
• Find something to do in next 4 weeks ( which I am contented that I did find something interesting )
• n the same ol “Pot Belly reduction” plan.

After i had to stand in the hot sun for over 2 hrs to get my Learners License.. yes you heard me right.. am 26 and i dont have a 4 wheeler license.. nothin to be ashamed of though. !! I dont think so its that bad. The  shopping was kinda ok though.. come on now.. its gonna benefit me as well.. was some clothes and items from health n glow 🙂 But dont seem to understand why GALS are sometimes so darn choosy bout stuff.. well if any GUY had to run to three different stores (which they generally dont) to find a single item/brand on the list and dont find it anywhere.. the GUY would opt for a different item/brand. but the GALS dont. Poooof..Women.. so darn confusing..

Nevermind that, now that i have close to 4 weeks i decided on upskilling myself to domains in which i have been working on but had very little formal training .. so i decided to enrol into SAS and Advanced analytics and predictive analysis.. am quite suprised at myself.. i hadnt done so much research on picking a course even when i had chosen to do my Diploma in darned Nitte.. ( No offence but am one of those who hates the place, though i kinda made many good frens there.. the college sucked. ). Finding the course wasnt easy .. Poor Bops had to walk around places in 4th block ( NIIT, Imperia and what not ) after a tiring days work.. well the day ended definitely on a good note as we hogged @ Chung Wah !! n then checked out Cell phones at a Nokia store. i seem to have fallen in luv with the E71, E51 and 5800 models.. well i own the E51 and its a fab. i guess the E71 maybe the next one.

Anyways will keep u informed of the course and the progress in my next blog.. keep waiting 🙂


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