Bought a Transcend Storejet today

Well,  always found a small limitation in the hard drive size on my Dell XPS1330. The laptop works like a fab except for the hard drive size. Dell could have done something to include a larger hard drive or given an option to buy external storage at point of sale for a reduced price. Nevertheless the XPS puchase was a steal deal.. Thanks to the Employee Purchase Program 😉  . Well that reminds me its almost time i upgraded my warranty aswell.

Well to reduce the woes of storage i bought myself a Transcend’s StoreJet 25 . This was also a steal deal until i came across the Breaking News* . Anyways, Its got  neat features.. for instance.. its look is quite elegant.. got an Orange body with a Brownish Silicone covering.. Gives a good grip and doesnt give you the “handle with care”  feel.. Then there is a marketing  tag line or something for real.. ” Its passed the US military drop test “ . well i am not sure of the specifications of the drop test or the height from which it is dropped but am sure the silicone covering would do a fine job.  The One Touch data backup feature is pretty simple and user friendly. It offers Intelligent back up features as well through the Storejet Elite software included in the bundle.

transcend storejet 25 - 320gb

Transcend storejet 25 - 320gb

They come in different sizes ranging from 160 gb, 250 gb and the 320 gb. I wanted one with the maximum size and something which could be connected to a single USB port..  The USB ports are also one of the other things i didnt like in my XPS.. there are only two USB ports and each placed on either side of the notebook.  So most external drives need two USB ports for providing additional power however the Storejet seems to do just fine with a single USB port. ( Interestingly they do offer a Y -USB cable incase anyone wants to provide additonal power to the drive ). The data transfer speed is pretty good.. however i would have expected it to be a bit faster.

There was another surprising twist to the purchase..  I checked the price in three different places… Staples ( Rs. 5499 ) , Croma ( Rs.4599 ) and then finally a small store in Jayanagar ( Rs. 4160 ) .. Well am sure you would be smart enough to guess where i finally managed to pick it from.. another peeve i have  is that the guy at the store tried to charge me an additonal 2% coz i used my Visa for payment. Well negotiated and got it down to 1% 😉

Overall am quite happy with the product and would give it a 8 on 10. Its value for money and the design is definitely eye-candy.


This product is priced on eBay for Rs.400 less. 😦


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