HTC Incredible S !!! My newest Tech toy

Finally after a lot of thought, a new tech toy to my collection ūüôā The HTC Incredible S. ¬†Am in total awe with the features.. Still exploring the toy and cant seem to get enough of it. Thanks to a very dear ol buddy of mine who helped me with this.¬†Wasn’t¬†sure if i’d ever make up my mind.

Catch the product specs here.


Bangalore Revisited – Part 1

Have been thinking bout this for quite a while now… The face of Bangalore has changed beyond recognition. I somehow dont seem to connect with most of the places in the city. I was part of this discussion on FB ¬†with a few very close buddies of mine regarding how certain key areas of Bangalore has changed and the landmarks have started disappearing. ¬†Few of the favorite hangouts of our yester years is too hard to connect with. Missing those somewhat quite evenings in 4th block complex, drive in one of the most beautiful roads in south Bangalore – Sangam circle to Southend Circle. ¬†Having Softee opp Jain Temple, run down the Ragigudda temple hill.. wish it were un-barricaded¬†as earlier, 20 rs movies at Swagath theatre, Cricket matches at Green Pitch (not so green anymore) ¬†and Quality pitch.., Vadilal icecreams opp telephone exchange, etc .. ¬†Gone are the days when one¬†didn’t¬†have to worry about traffic woes in the city but now shudder at the thought of driving out in the weekend even if its to pick up grocery. I would prefer a weekday anytime than venture out around the weekend. The other pain which i personally feel is the new “mall culture”.. Every block seems to come up with a new superstore ever week. Though it means a lot of options but it somehow seems to be a hassle as well.. Jayanagar’s traffic and parking woes in 9th block seem to have increased after the opening up of a very famous mall. I don’t completely say they are bad coz i frequent them quite often myself. I am ready to live with “mall culture” , most Bangaloreans¬†wouldn’t¬†mind either ūüėČ .. So before i completely fail to connect with this city beautiful, a dear friend and i thought of having this bucket list of things we wanna do in Bangalore and places ¬†we would wanna visit while we still breathe and are alive in the few green pockets of Bangalore. So here goes……

Number 1 : though not in any order was to visit the famed Bangalore Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM). I¬†wouldn’t¬†say that i was completely impressed with the place though but it is definitely a must visit. I have been to better museums but this had a nostalgic feel since i was visiting this place after almost 15 years.. Few old memories of the place was us running around as kids ¬†pressing all the buttons which bring the models into play. The ground floor has the engines and dinosaur exhibits. ¬†Also try n catch up on the several shows which are presented, for instance we watched the “Taramandal Show” which explains how to identify Constellations and star patterns in the night sky. Pretty interesting. Also saw a replica of the wright brothers¬†Smithsonian flight model.¬† ¬† The First floor had the Fun Science and the¬†Electronic exhibits.¬†¬†The Second floor had the Space and Biotechnological exhibits. The Third floor housed the BEL house of electronics and a kiddies corner with a few fun learning games. The entry fee is bout 20 bucks and the various shows inside cost bout 5 bucks each. You could easily spend a good 3-4 hours in there and though you¬†wouldn’t¬†be raving bout the place but certainly you will not be disappointed. ¬†My advice : Take your kids along, have fun learning and relive your childhood.

Here are a few pics from the visit.

The Museum is located on Kasturba Road. Parking can be done near the Cubbon Park entrance and then a 100m walk back on Kasturba road should take you right to the museum. You could also visit the Aquarium and take a toy train ride at Cubbon Park, We skipped the toy train ride. and the Aquarium¬†isn’t¬†a pretty sight to watch either. Go if you must !!

For more info, check the museum wiki link here.

PS : Feel free to help me add on items to my bucket list of things to do in Bangalore. I would try and update my list on here in the next few days.



SAS and Advanced Analytics

Oh Boy… Backing up data is phew… ¬†tiring stuff..!!¬†¬†whole 220 GB of stuff.. The Transcend did a pretty seemless job and i am happy bout the purchase.. I am yet to reformat the XPS and reload .. the necessary stuff back from the Transcend. Been quite busy lately.. Have joined this institue called G&K Analytics Training Institute (ATI) in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Its a small yet cozy place for learning. The trainings offered range widely on SAS ( Statistical Analysis ) , Advanced Analytics and Advanced Excel which includes concepts on VBA.¬† This¬†were exactly the kind of courses that i was hoping to enroll for. The good things i like about the institue is that its were apt for learning, the training labs are open round the clock so you can walk in and practice on the modules. The instructors are industry experienced with¬† combines experience of over 20yrs in analytics.¬† The institute was founded by Gautam Munshi and Pavan Bhat.¬† The have worked extensively in the fields of Business Intelligence and Analytics in organtizations such as HSBC,Genpact,Marketics,etc. Currently they run their own consultany firm called Redwood Associates. They do hire interns from ATI.

Well i am not trying to advertise for the institute however this is definitely a one of a place that has been setup considering the industry needs in mind. Kudos to them who understand the needs and requirements of “Wannabe Analysts”.

Well, am sure the next question would be on certifications. Well ATI would conduct their own tests on the modules conducted and will give you a certificate. However this is not enough to prove that you are a SAS certified professional. There is a dearth for SAS certified professionals in the KPO industry and it is a good thing to b certified. So how does one get certified ?? Well you would need to take the certification at one  of the prometric test centers. Check all the details here.  The SAS institute has its own training partners for instance SIBA (in Bangalore) and LAXAI (in Hyderabad). But i believe they are a tad too expensive. But i prefered the ATI coz at the end of it all, the certification needs to be taken from the SAS Training  institute itself.

Will keep ya all posted bout the progress and give you a sneak peek at the Inside Stuff of SAS ūüôā


Bought a Transcend Storejet today

Well,¬† always found a small limitation in the hard drive size on my Dell XPS1330.¬†The laptop works like a fab except for the hard drive size. Dell could have done something to include a larger hard drive or given an option to buy external storage at point of sale for a reduced price. Nevertheless the¬†XPS puchase was a steal deal.. Thanks to the Employee Purchase Program ūüėČ ¬†. Well that reminds me its almost time i upgraded my warranty aswell.

Well to reduce the woes of storage i bought myself a Transcend’s StoreJet 25 . This was also a steal deal until i came across the Breaking News* . Anyways, Its got¬† neat features.. for instance.. its look is quite elegant.. got an Orange body with a Brownish Silicone covering.. Gives a good grip and doesnt give you the “handle with care”¬† feel.. Then there is a marketing¬† tag line or something for real.. ” Its passed the US military drop test “ . well i am not sure of the specifications of the drop test or the height from which it is dropped but am sure the silicone covering would do a fine job.¬† The One Touch data backup feature is pretty simple and user friendly. It offers Intelligent back up features as well through the Storejet¬†Elite software included in the bundle.

transcend storejet 25 - 320gb
Transcend storejet 25 - 320gb

They come in different sizes ranging from 160 gb, 250 gb and the 320 gb. I wanted one with the maximum size and something which could be connected to a single USB port..  The USB ports are also one of the other things i didnt like in my XPS.. there are only two USB ports and each placed on either side of the notebook.  So most external drives need two USB ports for providing additional power however the Storejet seems to do just fine with a single USB port. ( Interestingly they do offer a Y -USB cable incase anyone wants to provide additonal power to the drive ). The data transfer speed is pretty good.. however i would have expected it to be a bit faster.

There was another surprising twist to the purchase..¬†¬†I checked the price in three different places… Staples¬†( Rs. 5499 ) , Croma ( Rs.4599 ) and then finally a small store in¬†Jayanagar (¬†Rs.¬†4160 ) .. Well am sure you would¬†be smart enough to guess where i finally managed to pick it from.. another peeve i have ¬†is that the¬†guy at the store tried to charge me an additonal 2% coz i used my Visa for payment. Well negotiated and¬†got it down to 1% ūüėČ

Overall am quite happy with the product and would give it a 8 on 10. Its value for money and the design is definitely eye-candy.


This product is priced on eBay for Rs.400 less. ūüė¶

What a week this has been

Well, Thats all i can say for this week.. Cant seem to remember when was the last time i did so much work in a single week.. Well i am gonna list em out so all the boys would agree.. It indeed has been a lot of work ūüėČ

To start off :

‚ÄĘ Shop till u drop.
‚ÄĘ Run around to get my Drivers License
‚ÄĘ Find out status of my visa ūüė¶ which was rather disappointing ( not gonna be here for atleast 4 more weeks )
‚ÄĘ Find something to do in next 4 weeks ( which I am contented that I did find something interesting )
‚ÄĘ n the same ol “Pot Belly reduction” plan.

After i had to stand in the hot sun for over 2 hrs to get my Learners License.. yes you heard me right.. am 26 and i dont have a 4 wheeler license.. nothin to be ashamed of though. !! I dont think so its that bad. The ¬†shopping was kinda ok though.. come on now.. its gonna benefit me as well.. was some clothes and items from health n glow ūüôā But dont seem to understand why GALS are sometimes so darn choosy bout stuff.. well if any GUY had to run to three different stores (which they generally dont) to find a single item/brand on the list and dont find it anywhere.. the GUY would opt for a different item/brand. but the GALS dont. Poooof..Women.. so darn confusing..

Nevermind that, now that i have close to 4 weeks i decided on upskilling myself to domains in which i have been working on but had very little formal training .. so i decided to enrol into SAS and Advanced analytics and predictive analysis.. am quite suprised at myself.. i hadnt done so much research on picking a course even when i had chosen to do my Diploma in darned Nitte.. ( No offence but am one of those who hates the place, though i kinda made many good frens there.. the college sucked. ). Finding the course wasnt easy .. Poor Bops had to walk around places in 4th block ( NIIT, Imperia and what not ) after a tiring days work.. well the day ended definitely on a good note as we hogged @ Chung Wah !! n then checked out Cell phones at a Nokia store. i seem to have fallen in luv with the E71, E51 and 5800 models.. well i own the E51 and its a fab. i guess the E71 maybe the next one.

Anyways will keep u informed of the course and the progress in my next blog.. keep waiting ūüôā