SAS and Advanced Analytics

Oh Boy… Backing up data is phew…  tiring stuff..!!  whole 220 GB of stuff.. The Transcend did a pretty seemless job and i am happy bout the purchase.. I am yet to reformat the XPS and reload .. the necessary stuff back from the Transcend. Been quite busy lately.. Have joined this institue called G&K Analytics Training Institute (ATI) in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Its a small yet cozy place for learning. The trainings offered range widely on SAS ( Statistical Analysis ) , Advanced Analytics and Advanced Excel which includes concepts on VBA.  This were exactly the kind of courses that i was hoping to enroll for. The good things i like about the institue is that its were apt for learning, the training labs are open round the clock so you can walk in and practice on the modules. The instructors are industry experienced with  combines experience of over 20yrs in analytics.  The institute was founded by Gautam Munshi and Pavan Bhat.  The have worked extensively in the fields of Business Intelligence and Analytics in organtizations such as HSBC,Genpact,Marketics,etc. Currently they run their own consultany firm called Redwood Associates. They do hire interns from ATI.

Well i am not trying to advertise for the institute however this is definitely a one of a place that has been setup considering the industry needs in mind. Kudos to them who understand the needs and requirements of “Wannabe Analysts”.

Well, am sure the next question would be on certifications. Well ATI would conduct their own tests on the modules conducted and will give you a certificate. However this is not enough to prove that you are a SAS certified professional. There is a dearth for SAS certified professionals in the KPO industry and it is a good thing to b certified. So how does one get certified ?? Well you would need to take the certification at one  of the prometric test centers. Check all the details here.  The SAS institute has its own training partners for instance SIBA (in Bangalore) and LAXAI (in Hyderabad). But i believe they are a tad too expensive. But i prefered the ATI coz at the end of it all, the certification needs to be taken from the SAS Training  institute itself.

Will keep ya all posted bout the progress and give you a sneak peek at the Inside Stuff of SAS 🙂



11 thoughts on “SAS and Advanced Analytics

  1. hi,
    i was looking for a trining from siba pune in clinical sas.theyu are also offering interns from cytel–cytel is into software deveopments for clinical trials…do u hv any info abut siba pune..the qualityof trianing

  2. Hi this is kapil ..
    I would like to know more abtr the ….
    G&K Analytics Training Institute…so would u plz tell me whether they are offering any project Exp …..(Internship) with Redwood associate .as there ….Business partner…..
    as i want to get into ….the Financial Domain ….in SAS …

    Plz Guide me inh this .

    And would like to know abt ..any institute which is offering … Industry Internship ….along with training ..
    Eagerlly waiting for ur reply ..
    Thanx in Advance ..
    B byee….

  3. Dear Sir, I want to konw the details about SAS certification course & fees for this course

  4. Hi Sir,

    I am a Statistics graduate (2008), after my graduation i worked with IBM Daksh for a travel company , now i want to build my future in the field of Analytics.. i have dona BASE SAS course , but unable to get vacancies for SAS fresher , all are recruiting experienced SAS programmers…
    I would be really thankful sir if you can help me and suggest me to what to do next.. as i really want to be in part of Business Intelligence Industry..
    Really Looking forward for you reply..

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Avi Jain

  5. Hi Avi,

    There are quite a few companies which hire freshers but thats for peanuts.. you would need to gain practical experiences working on live studies. Once you have atleast bout a years exp, then you could try jumping into mainstream companies. There are several companies in the fields of business analytics, these range from pharmaceutical to IT to sales and marketing. You could try companies such as Symphony services, Accenture, etc.

    Cheers and all the best

  6. Hi,

    I would like to learn analytics which willbe helpful for my site. Will enquire your office directly


  7. I recently did a course from Jigsaw Academy. The course was conducted online in a virtual classroom. I felt it was a great learning experience. And I got calls from Genpact, Infosys and Pharmarc through Jigsaw. I think it was a great investment. You should check them out

  8. which institute is the best jigsaw academy or analyticstraining institute- can anybody suggest the best of these two institutes– jigsaw or analytics training

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