Dum vita est, spes est

Am kinda almost on track keeping up with my bucket list.. Things i wanna accomplish before i start to regret bout all the past happenings in my life. MBAs in progress, Bugsy is keepin me on my toes while i am home, Weekends with my best buddies from college, movies, etc.

I gotta thank my wonderful family who have been with me through the thick n thin. They have indeed been the greatest strength for me. I sometimes used to wonder did i do right by coming back home to them. Sometimes  the feeling of losing your freedom can bog you down but in my case, the pros have been much higher than the cons of being back home n staying with family. Something i guess i missed out for almost a decade. I thank God for making me more spiritual, and blessing our home.

I have learnt a lot in the past few years, some of these learnings could seem as if it were right out of Osho or Baba Ramdevs ashram but these have been true in my case.

  • Shit Happens to everyone.. While only few are open to speak bout it few try to cover it up.. a covered up shit raises more stink which drives people to probe more into it than one which is found in the open. Only You can clear the mess.
  • You got just one short life.. quit worrying bout moments where you gave up too soon too easy.. Take multiple vacations, Take a break, make all the moments count.
  • Follow your aspirations.. Don’t let the idiots talk you out of it. You will find more people pessimistic than optimistic. If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.
  • Build a home around folks you love and you won’t have a sorry place to return to ever.
  • Get a dog, i got ma dahlin’ Bugsy.. May be the only one in the whole world who knows to love unconditionally. We are in a world where we need it the most.
  • Remember, it aint over until it’s over. Be Passionate bout your work.
  • People change, priorities change over time.. no use brooding over em.
  • Laugh n Smile a Lot … Did ya know it takes 43 muscles to frown while only 17 to smile 🙂
  • Be Thankful for today, Pray for a brighter tomorrow.

Read this Latin proverb on the web, “Dum vita est, spes est”… It means “While there is Life, There is Hope”… It made a lot of sense. Considering it to  be my next tattoo 😉




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