Dogs Day Out @ Paw & Claw

Took my dahlin Babies Bugsy (Labmaraner) & Hugsy (Golden Retriever) to Paw & Claw on Saturday noon.. Heard bout the pet club through a fren in my old team at Dell. Its truly a fun experience for the dogs, getting them introduced to the water and socialize with other dogs around at the retreat. The place in itself is nothing fantastic except for a pool for pets which is the major attraction. A dip in the pool for a single dog is 250 bucks and considering the joy you get watchin ur mate swim n enjoy the cool water.. the price would seem a pittance.  Its home to several other breeds, we saw some pugs & Rottweilers around. Also several folks with their four legged buddies to have a good swim. Ofcourse the owners cant get into the pool.  The surface around the pool can get a lil slippery though. And you gotta take your own towels 🙂 .Dont expect the place to be an upmarket pet resort.. Its mainly a green farm owned by Dog Lover who came up with the unique idea of starting up a retreat for pets. There is absolutely nothing for the owners to do except for watch your dogs enjoy the water and socialize with other dogs. They however intend to start a BBQ thingy in the coming few months and also some pet training and grooming sessions. The place is roughly bout 20-25km from the city center on the Sarjapur Road, adjacent to Ananya Foundation. Check the route here. Join the FB group here.




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