Kuala Lumpur & Around – Putrajaya Balloon Festival

This is a long time pending series of posts that i have been wanting to write about our experiences in and around  KL.  My wife n i have been around here for bout 7 months now and have tried to soak in the various experiences this lovely city has to offer.

One of the first few events that we attended this year was the Putrajaya International Balloon Festival held between the 27-30th March 2014. A few friends and us decided to visit the night event on the last dayand what was gonna be our first hot air balloon experience (ofcourse from a distance 😉  and not actually in-flight). It turned out to be quite amazing. The night display of the colourful balloons and the slight drizzle of rain played a bit of a spoilsport.  The fireworks show was cancelled as a mark of respect for the lives lost in the MH370 incident. For a first time experience, we missed the morning flight of the balloons but hope to visit the next edition of the festival. You can get the detailed info on their website here.

The crowd and the display area

Light up the night sky

The crowd and the display area

Fire away the burner




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