Kuala Lumpur & Around – KLCC Aquaria

Another one of the places we covered in the initial few days of our stay in KL was the Aquaria at KLCC Convention Centre. Its quite a place to relax and enjoy the various marine life. The RM50 entrance fee is quite reasonable however wish there were much more variety. I am sure it cant be compared to the ones in Singapore or Hong Kong ( I haven’t been to either of the two, but word of mouth from folks who have 😉 ). Its a good place to while away a couple of hours. You can find a not so cheap souvenir shop at the exit. They have various shows daily at different times. We really enjoyed the Sting Ray feeding session. The sights of the marine life are quite mesmerizing. The ones which stole the show for us were the Sting Rays, Giant Turtles, Sharks, Clown fish, Sea Horses and the Killer Piranha. We missed the Piranha feeding session. But hope to see that during another visit.

Giant Turtle

Clown Fish

Think this was the Nurse shark

An extremely tiny frog… don’t quite remember the name.





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